Visual presentation of emigration from Armenia in 2008-2014

Lragir.am has published a video with visual presentation of emigration numbers from Armenia during six years of 2008-2014.

According to the source, during these six years the number of people who emigrated from Armenia is 232.000. At first glance, this number may not show the level of the loss, however the video clip below can give a better visual presentation of the migration issue.

The number of people that left Armenia during these six years is 232.000, which would fill Hrazdan stadium of Yerevan four times, or the Republican stadium 16 times. This means that 1.255 airplanes full of people have left Armenia. This number would fill 15.466 minivans, or 46.400 passenger vehicles.

The Titanic was designed to carry 2.500 people. If we put these numbers together, it means that during these six years 92 “Titanics” have left Armenia; thanks to God, at least they reached their destination.

According to official information, Vanadzor is Armenia’s third largest city with 82.000 people. The number of people who migrated from Armenia is equal to three “Vanadzor” cities, or 11 “Goris” cities (the population of Goris is 20.000), or 36 “Aparan” cities.

The population number of Syunik region is 140.000, and entire Vayots-Dzor’s population is 51.000. If we put these numbers together, it would be equal to emptying two entire regions in Armenia.

Hrazdan stadium, 54.000 people: x 4 times.

Republican stadium, 14.000 people: x 16 times.

A321 Airplane, 185 people: x 1.255 times.

Minivans, 13-15 passengers: x 15.466 times.

Passenger vehicles, 5: x 46.400 times.

Titanic, 2.500 people: x 92 times.

Aparan city, 6.300: x 36 times.

Vanadzor city, 82.000: x 3 times.

Goris city, 20.000: x 11 times.

Syunik region, 140.000 people.

Vayots-Dzor region, 51.000 people.

Konjoryan, H. December 26th, 2015. Retrieved from: http://www.lragir.am/index/arm/0/somequest/view/125642

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