Reduction of Benefits for Pregnant Women May Trigger a New Wave of Emigration

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The civic society of Armenia is against the bill on reducing benefits for pregnant women proposed by the Armenian government. There have been a number of demonstrations by civic society representatives, organizations and pregnant women in Yerevan.

A report entitled “Who Gets Pregnant but Who Goes on Vacation” by 168 Hours (October 30, 2014) writes that the National Assembly of Armenia is discussing a bill on “Temporary leave benefits” which is set to connect the amount of average salaries with years of work experience (benefits to be equal to 40-80% of salaries, depending on years of work experience).

In a news report by Aravot newspaper (October 27, 2014) a demonstration participant said she believed the new bill “would become a reason for emigration.”
At the same time with this bill, the parliament is also discussing a proposal to increase administrative costs for governmental entities, which is set to increase the expenses on business trips, maintenance and vehicle procurement costs for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2015.

It is worth mentioning that expenses in many governmental bodies are disproportionate (for example, in 2015 the amount earmarked for business trips of government people is AMD 4 billion / USD 9,8 million), accordingly, reduction of unjustified expenses on the part of the government would be more reasonable for saving money for the budget and would not limit the growth of the Armenian population.

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