Population number critical in Gyumri


WWW.ARMTIMES.COM reports that population number in Gyumri is critical. The report shows a picture of one of the central streets in Gyumri, which is empty. According to the official statistics, as of January 1st, 2012, the population of Gyumri was 145.700, and this year it is 120.700. This means that 25.000 people have emigrated from Gyumri in one year. This is the official statistics and does not reflect the number of seasonal migrants.

Full article is available in Armenian at the following web address: http://www.armtimes.com/45755

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  1. sam

    First of all the numbers are inflated, in the soviet times they said there were 4 million people in Armenia, then they said but there were 1 million non Armenians in the country also, then after the earthquake and at the end of the soviet era they said Armenia was 96% ethnically Armenian. Then they said 600,000 people left the country and that was in 1998. THEN THEY SAID maybe over a million people left the country and that there was maybe only 1.5 million people in Armenia. Then they recently said well the population of Armenia is over 3 million in 2016. You tell me how people have over stated the facts. Yerevan the capital city has traffic up to it’s limits and it’s over crowded streets shows that not much people have left the capital.


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