People of Gyumri in Expectation of the Government’s Promise

People of Gyumri are waiting in expectation of the Armenian government’s promise to provide them with certificates enabling to purchase apartments.

Shirak Center NGO of Gyumri has submitted a letter to Prime-Minister Hovik Abrahamyan and Minister of Urban Development Narek Sargsyan asking about the expected dates of distribution of certificates and priorities of the program.

The letter of Shirak Center, dated November 31, 2014, writes that “since the government’s decision following the cancellation of construction works in Gyurmi in 2012 and recognition of 432 families in Gyumri to be eligible to receive certificates enabling them to buy homes, the process has not started yet.”

The letter writes that people of Gyumri have asked Shirak Center to apply to the government in expectation to get answers to the following questions:

1. When will the government start the process of distributing certificates enabling eligible families to buy homes?
2. How much is the amount per square meter?
3. How many square meters are intended for families eligible for 1, 2, 3 and 4 room apartments?
4. What are the priorities and criteria for provision of housing certificates?
5. How many certificates will be given this year and in 2015?

It is worth mentioning that currently there are approximately 4,300 homeless families in Gyumri that still live in makeshifts they went into following the earthquake in 1988. Only 432 families are recognized by the government to be eligible for certificates enabling to buy apartments.

Below is the text of the letter of Shirak Center addressed to the Prime-Minister and Urban Development Minister of Armenia (available in Armenian only):

Հաղորդագրություն_Շիրակ կենտրոն _31.10.2014

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