More Than a Quarter Century

The RA Ministry of Urban Development has answered the letter of Shirak Center NGO, dated October 31, 2014, asking to clarify the terms and conditions of the Armenian government’s project to give apartment purchase certificates to 430 families in Gyumri.

The letter of the Urban Development Ministry writes that the certificates will be provided in two phases in 2015 and provides details, terms and conditions of selecting families eligible to receive certificates to buy apartments (for more details please see: http://shirakcentre.org/hy/news/21011-03-11-2014).

It is worth mentioning that there are 4,300 families in Gyumri that still live in the same makeshifts they went into following the earthquake more than a quarter century ago. The Armenian government’s project covers only 430 families, which means that more than 3,800 families will not receive any support from the government. The only hope of the people of Gyumri is the Diaspora.

Below is a short clip by Shirak Center NGO of Gyumri, which is entitled “More Than a Quarter Century” and shows the conditions 4,300 families in Gyumri live in more than a quarter century after the earthquake:

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