Migration Statistics for First Half 2015


The difference between the numbers of people leaving Armenia and arriving by crossing state borders was 75,500 during the first six months in 2015, as the State Migration Service of Armenia reported recently. This number of negative balance of passenger transportation in the first six months of this year is less by 9,900 (11,6 %) compared to the same period of the previous year.

Following the publication of the information on negative balance of passenger transportation there were a number of media publications suggesting that the reduction in migration trends could be a result of the fact that many people had already left, as well as those who had the opportunity to leave had already done so.

In answer to such comments Gagik Eganyan, head of the Armenian State Migration Service, said that it is not correct to come to such conclusions based on short-term indicators only because migration flows need to be evaluated based on long-term data and indicators. He believes many people may return in the fall when the working season is finished in other countries, and the annual emigration indicators will change. “There is no growth in emigration trends, otherwise the negative balance would be higher. The balance is not big, and people should not explain everything with this short-term change. There may be rumors going around saying that there is high emigration flow, but I believe we need to wait for a while to fully understand what the situation is,” said the head of the Migration Service and added that he would not say that emigration trends had slowed down either as migration flows need to be evaluated based on long-term indicators but not a short term interval data.

August 24, 2015

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