Emigration Trends Continue Growing

The difference between the numbers of departures and arrivals by air in Armenia is approximately 40,000 people for the period of January-October, 2014 (“168 Hours” newspaper reports).

In the period of January-October, 2014, Zvartnots and Shirak airports served 1,781,668 passengers, which is higher by 22,3% (325,168 passengers) compared to the same period in 2013. The number of departures was 910,789 (it was 742,886 in the same period of 2013), and the number of arrivals was 870,879 (it was 713,614 in the same period of 2013). The difference between the numbers of departures and arrivals is 39,910. The share of departures in the total volume of passenger transportation is 51%, while it was 51,1% in 2013.

In 2014 approximately 1,200 citizens of Armenia (including family members) received US Green Cards (“Hraparak” newspaper reports).

Gala TV reports that demography expert Hranush Kharatyan believes that the number of Armenians who emigrated with families for permanent residence in other countries has grown this year. She said that that over 13,000 citizens of Armenia gave up on their citizenship in 2014. She believes these people gave up on their Armenian citizenship to get Russian citizenship because emigrants who go to other countries are not required to give up on their citizenship.

“The recent presidential and parliamentary elections have not had any influence on the volume of emigration like the elections before, when people used to leave because elections did not change anything and they were disappointed. During the past five years people’s decision to emigrate is not connected with elections as their decisions are more because of their inability to bring about change as they lose their hope. I believe people understand how strong the two political poles have become and as they are unable to bring about change, they simply choose to leave. This means that the logic of emigration and motives for such decisions have changed,” said Hranush Kharatyan.

She believes rule of law can change many things in the country. “There can be real change only if courts start working properly and the justice system improves,” said Hranush Kharatyan.

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