Emigration tackled at Urvagits TV program in Yerevan

Urvagits TV program of Kentron TV, hosted by journalist Petros Ghazaryan, discusses emigration issues with Ruben Eganyan, demography expert, and Tatevik Bezhanyan, coordinator of People in Need project in Armenia.

Ruben Eganyan shared his findings of emigration trends and mentioned that their organization had presented their findings at a government’s session, and the government decided “to continue research of emigration trends as this issue is important.”

Tatevik Bezhanyan discussed the Armenian project of the People in Need, supported by European funding, as well as the ground work their organization is doing to help returned migrants integrate (through providing micro-finance grants, helping to adapt, counselling, etc.)


Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhqO_et-IEs

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