Emigration on Stage: Neighbors from Gyumri Emigrate Together to be Neighbors in Russia too


“On Step 44” is a staging by Hamazgayin theater of Yerevan that tells about emigration from Armenia. “On Step 44” was first staged 12 years ago, and today it is still attended by many people as it touches upon emigration issues and painful sides that have not become any better during the past twelve years.

Actors of “On Step 44” are Tatev Ghazaryan, Karen Khachatryan and Varsham Gevorgyan. “Emigration makes everyone sad; Armenians leave their country, our audience who come to our theater leave too. The people of our theater are sad about it,” said actor Karen Khachatryan and added that after a performance in the past someone from the audience came to meet the actors behind the stage and threw away her airline ticket. “There was a student who started to cry after the performance because it was her problem and the performance touched upon a painful part of her problem. There is emigration in many countries but for us, Armenians, it is even more painful because we are a small nation. It is very painful for us. People cry in the airport, bus stations – it is very painful for them to leave. I am from Gyumri, and I know that people leave Gyumri with their neighbors to be neighbors in Russia too,” says Karen Khachatryan, an actor who was born in Gyumri and works at Hamazgayin theater in Yerevan.

“On Step 44” is still demanded by people and it is always attended by many people. Even though some small changes have been made to the scenario during the past 12 years, the issue of emigration is still actual and people show high interest to the performance.

“Emigration, unfortunately, is not something new. When we started to stage this performance, the director said that he wished time could come and there would be no need for this performance. We wish time comes that people are no more interested in this issue and do not come to see this performance. However, the issue is still very actual and still there is a lot of interest to this performance in Armenia, Diaspora and Artsakh,” said Tatev Ghazaryan.

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