Emigration 2016: No First Class Pupils in 17 Communities


On September 1, 2016, at least 17 communities in Armenia did not have first class pupils in their schools. “Armenian Times” (Haykakan Zhamanak) newspaper reports that it has been several years that a number of communities in Armenia are without first class children.

Ani Armenian Research Center published a list of the communities that did not have first class children this year:

Shirak region – 3 communities: Alvar, Tavshut, Ani-station. Last year there were three more communities that did not have first class (Aghvorik, Shaghik, Ani-station, Hovtun, Bandivan, Hoghmik).

Syunik region – 8 communities: Aghavni, Tandzaver, Tandzatap, Noravan, Ltsen, Shikahogh, Norashen and Tashtoun. Last year there were no first class pupils in more than fifteen communities of Syunik region.

Aragatsotn region – 5 communities: Tlik, Tsamakasar, Dian, Arevut, Vosketas.

There is no first class in Barekamavan village of Tavush region as well this year.

During the eight years of Serzh Sargsyan’s tenure more than 310,000 people left Armenia, which is 100 people every day.

Below is a video with Serzh Sargsyan’s answer (in Armenian) to questions about emigration:

Hakobyan, Tatoul. September 1st, 2016. “Emigration 2016: No First Class Pupils in 17 Communities”. Ani Armenian Research Center. Retrieved from: < http://www.aniarc.am/2016/09/01/17-villages-no-first-class-2016-september-1/>

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