Difference between departures and arrivals in three months – 31,800


The RA Government reports that the difference between the number of departures and arrivals registered in Armenia in January-March 2014 is 31,800.

The Armenian Territorial Administration Ministry’s Migration Department has analyzed the data on departures and arrivals provided by the Armenian Statistics Service and published numbers on migration. According to this information, the difference between departures and arrivals in January-March 2014 is smaller by 14,2% (5,300) compared to the same period of the previous year.

During these three months the number of people that left Armenia by airplane, train and vehicles was 511,053, and the number of arrivals was 479,219. The highest inflow and outflow number was registered by vehicles. During these three months 311,622 crossed the border of Armenia, and 303,604 returned. The difference is 8,018.

The number of departures by airplane during these three months was 196,420, and the number of arrivals – 172,599. The difference is 23,821.

During the three months 3,011 people crossed the border of Armenia, and 3,016 came into Armenia by train.

The overall passenger flow during the three months of this year increased by 19,8% (163,500) compared to last year’s 990,300.

The percentage of people that departed by airplane was 37,3% in the total share (compared to last year’s 39,6%).

Source: http://www.pastinfo.am/hy/node/39851#sthash.vfuIR5aH.dpuf

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