DEPOP presentation at Pomegranate film festival


Findings of “The Depopulation Crisis in Armenia” Research report were presented before “Our Village” film screening during Pomegranate Film Festival in Toronto on November 6th, 2014.

The presentation was focused on main reasons of emigration from Armenia, demographic situation in villages with an example of an Armenian village dominated by elder population, whereas young people are out to seek greener shores. The presentation also included facts and figures about Gyumri, where over half of the population still lives in poverty and there are 4,300 homeless families that still live in makeshifts they went into following the earthquake more than a quarter century ago. The audience was informed about the decision and efforts of the Kololian Foundation of Toronto to implement a new project, “From Depopulation to Repopulation,” to be primarily focused on Gyumri.

The presentation was followed by “Our Village” movie screening, which touched upon psychological aspects and consequences of emigration from the village.

The presentation/movie was attended by 200 representatives of the Armenian community of Toronto.

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