Community heads left Armenia

On February 18, 2014, Armenian news agency www.hraparak.am published an article entitled “Please flip out,” according to which in 2013 a number of community heads have left Armenia, and now the mayor of Ararat city wants to emigrate.

According to this report, during 2013 the following community heads left Armenia:

Bayandur community, Shirak region
Karmrakar community, Shirak region
Yeranos community, Gegharkounik region
Jrambar community, Aragatsotn region

This news publication also informs that according to the head of the Armenian Union of Painters, 300 out of 1,000 members of the union are not in Armenia (Source: http://www.hraparak.am/news/view/49583.html).

Below is a snapshot of a chart from the Depopulation Crisis in Armenia report, which illustrates the relation between income volumes and intention to emigrate among the Armenian respondents covering different geopolitical areas.

These facts highlight the importance of discussion and dialogue in Armenian communities, both in Armenia and Diaspora, to look for solutions.

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