Bagrat Asatryan tackles emigration issue on Shoghakat TV

Bagrat Asatryan: “If emigration continues at this pace, shortly our country will be faced with a very serious danger. A result of the emigration, first of all, is weak villages: as of 2012 the birth rate in villages was lower than in Yerevan. From the point of view of natural reproduction the most dangerous area is the region of Syunik, followed by Tavush and Vayots Dzor, which are borderline. Among reasons of emigration are low social protection, an absence of rule of law and marred moral values.”

The host of the program is Priest Ruben Zargaryan, Armenian Church of Saint Echmiadzin.

Source: Shoghakat TV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE9FyHIrXzc

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