Azerbaijan is waiting to see Armenia emptied


Yerevan News reports that instead of a strategy to harass Armenia with armed pressure Azerbaijan is adopting a policy of waiting till Armenia is emptied. In a recent presentation event of a book about Karabakh written by “historian” and head of the Azerbaijani president’s office Ramiz Mekhtiyev the deputy PM and coordinator of refugee department of Azerbaijan Ali Hasanov said they would prefer waiting till Armenia is emptied.

Ali Hasanov voiced calculations and figures and said, “On the one hand, every year 150-170,000 people are leaving Armenia, and on the other hand, the natural growth of the Armenian population is skyfalling. This will bring them into a deadlock. If this goes on, there will be no need for war and Armenia will be empty.”

Earlier this supporter of a policy of waiting till Armenia is emptied had called on the Azeri youth to take weapons and fight against Armenia.

Source: http://asbarez.com/arm/203728/

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