Armenia’s Population in 1831-2015


The population number on the same territory of the Republic of Armenia in 1831 was 161,747, which consisted of ethnic groups such as Armenians (110,671), Muslims (50,274) and others (802). The first population census on Armenia’s territory, or, as it was called before, population number count, was done after the Tsarist Russia took Armenia’s territory from Iran and occupied the Southern Caucasus (in 1801-1829, whereas only the lands of Aghbaba region (currently Ashotsk and Amasia communities of Armenia) and Batumi of current Georgia were out of the Tsarist Russia’s control as they were controlled by Ottoman Empire, and were taken by Russia later in 1878-ին).

Below is data about population numbers in Armenia in different historical time periods, starting from 1831 till the most recent census in today’s Armenia in 2015. The data below for different historical time periods such as, for example 1831 or 1897, are about only the territory that is covered by the Republic of Armenia of today.
Year       Population              
1831       161,747
1873       496,140
1886       635,833
1897       797,853        – The last census by the Tsarist Russia.
1914       1,014,255     – WWI time.
1919       961,677        – Historical time of the first Republic of Armenia.
1922       752,052
1926       880,464        – USSR’s first census.  
1931       1,050,633
1939       1,282,338      – USSR’s second census.
1959       1,763,048      – USSR’s third census.
1970       2,491,873      – USSR’s fourth census.
1979       3,037,259      – USSR’s fifth census.
1989       3,304,776      – USSR’s second census.
2001       3,213,011       First census of the Republic of Armenia.
2011       3,018,854       Second census of the Republic of Armenia.

As of January 1, 2016, the number of Armenia’s permanent population according to Armenia’s National Statistics Service (which was conducted in consideration of the census data from 2011) was 2,998,600.

According to official statistics, the real number of Armenia’s population is 2.8 million.

We (Ani Armenian Research Center) took this information from Ivan Shopen, Zaven Korkotyan, as well as official statistics information of population census by the Soviet Union and the Republic of Armenia.

Armenia’s population for the first time increased the limit of one million in 1914, during the year of WWI. After the genocide this number was cut down, and then the number of Armenians reached one million again in 1930.

Hakobyam Tatul. “Armenia’s Population in 1831-2015.” ANI Armenian Research Center. Retrieved from: http://www.aniarc.am/2016/03/27/1831-2015-population-armenia/

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