-7: Father of three children, son of two disabled planning to emigrate due to government’s negligence (video)

The Khachatryans (residing at Shinararner 15, Yerevan) live with three children and two disabled parents in a building that is in emergency situation, and want to emigrate from the country due to government’s failure to answer their letters and solve the problem of water supply.

The Khachatryans do not have water and gas supply for more than a month, and the local government is ignoring their letters.

“This is not the Yerevan I dreamed of; they are increasing the numbers of emigrants. We are 7 potential emigrants now. For more than a month I am asking them for help as my children do not have water, my two disabled parents that live with us do not have water, but the city municipality does not respond and does not send anyone to see the situation here,” Arman Khachatryan told NEWS.am .


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